About Us

Sopelia is the Solar Platform in Latin America

From solar energy and online marketing experts merger has resulted Sopelia. The renewable energy with higher urban integration level and the digital world together to promote the energy mix of the future development based on 3 pillars: energy efficiency, renewable energy and distributed generation.

Individuals, companies, institutions and solar sector professionals and companies have a new tool and a powerful networking to contribute to solar energy development in Latin America and the world. Sopelia commercialize equipments and turn-key solutions and provides project management and training services for the solar sector.




In Latin America research and cooperative activity can fill gaps that help the region to address energy challenges facing.

Our mission is to identify opportunities to coordinate efforts and activities in the field of solar technology.

The main gaps in the implementation of solar energy at regional level are related to the human and financial capacities, the development and dissemination of knowledge, promotion of business activities and training.

Sopelia is a platform to interconnect all fields related to innovation, align expertise and link stakeholders.

The objective is the social assimilation of solar technology in communities, information exchange among major market players in the region, researchers and policy makers.

The initiatives involve individuals, professionals, private companies, NGOs, academic world, government offices and intergovernmental organizations.

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