Consumptions Calculation

These free tools serve as user guidance and as a complement to subsequent calculations that must be performed.

Use that can be made of the information contained in these tools is sole responsibility of the person who performs it.

Sopelia is not responsible for any possible calculation errors that may occur and therefore will not be liable for any consequence, damage or prejudice that could derive from the results obtained.

Housing Heating Calculation

Estimation tool developed by Uruguay Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay.

Advanced Energy Consumption Calculator

Tool to carry out more advanced house energy consumption calculations. With this version you can modify the sheet data and know more exactly how you spend your money.

Hot Water, Heating and Pool Conditioning Demand Calculation

Worksheet for hot water, heating and swimming pool conditioning dimensioning. Only Spain localizations are deployed, but can be used as template adapting manually to any location entering solar resource and other baseline data.

Electricity Consumption Calculation

Only available for PC. Can not be viewed from mobile devices (Smartphone / Tablet). Application developed by Peru Ministry of Energy and Mines to estimate electrical energy consumption of each device from power (W) and use hour’s number.

Electricity Consumption Calculation

Free online calculator to find out how much daily electricity is consumed and how much electricity consumption could you save.

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