Solar Resource and Others Baseline Data

Meteorological and Solar Energy Data

Sponsored by NASA Science Applications Program and developed by the World Prediction Energy Resources Project, this site offers information and supporting documentation for solar systems dimensioning.

Daily and Annual Solar Calculator

Spreadsheet developed by US NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory based on Jean Meeus astronomical equations algorithms. It allows to calculate solar day, year and location specific data.

Renewable Energies Global Atlas

Geographic Online Information System (GIS) interrelated worldwide distributed centers data. In addition to information about renewable energy resources you can access information such as population density, topography, land use, infrastructure and protected areas. The objective of this system is to allow users to identify areas of interest for further exploration. It is an initiative that involves national institutes, energy agencies, private companies and international organizations.


Open database (you can extract and insert information) with global average daily solar radiation data for each month of the year measured on the surface.

Monthly Average Radiation Calculation

Tool developed by IDEA research group to calculate monthly average radiation on arbitrarily oriented and inclined surfaces.

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